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Fresh Vegetables


IRASHA Agro exports red onions in various sizes. These onions are grown without any use of harmful pesticides and chemicals and are also low in fat, cholesterol and sodium helps you stay fit. We take special care of size of the product, hygiene and keeping the product fresh.

Color Red Style Fresh
Shape Round Size Country Specific (25 – 60 mm)
Part Double Layered Origin India
Packaging 5kg / 9kg / 20kg / 40kg / 50 kg (Mesh and Jute bags)


Potato is staple food in many parts of the world and an integral part of much of the world's food supply. IRASHA International exports yellow potatoes of various sizes as per the customers’ needs which are grown from highly suitable land from well known farmers and agriculturists.

Color Yellow Style Fresh
Size 5-12 cms Weight 100-150 gms
Packaging 5kg / 9kg / 20kg / 40kg / 50 kg (Mesh and Jute bags)
Origin India


Pulpy, juicy, and tasty, these Fresh Tomatoes are cultivated by using traditional yet modern practices. The packaging commences under the strict supervision of experts and other team members; they ensure that the products are packed sternly to circumvent loss during transit.

Coriander leaves

The coriander leaves we offer are naturally grown, hygienically processed and packed with the support of our outstanding storage facility, we are able to keep the entire lot away from diverse damaging factors like moisture, sunlight, dust, rain and others.

Fresh Fruits


We export Quality Apples in large/medium and Small Sizes which are hygienicly cultivated. They are highly acclaimed for their delicious taste and freshness. Our customers are also pleased with the delivery of fruits within the stipulated time frame. Our apples don’t have wax and paraffin.


Alphonso mangoes are a seasonal fruit, considered to be amongst the most superior varieties of the fruit in terms of sweetness, richness and flavor. Irasha Agro exports un-riped mangoes or green alphanso mangoes which are sourced from Ratnagiri City of Maharashtra, a leading producer of Mangoes.


IRASHA Agro prides itself in being able to supply its customers with fresh fruit on a year round basis through comprehensive systems. The pomegranate is a fruit that contains hundreds of edible seeds called arils. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and bioactive plant compound.


We export Watermelons which are superior in quality. We provide fresh watermelon to clients that are harvested and cultivated under favorable climatic conditions. The watermelon that we export, do not contain any impurities or harmful chemicals.


Lemons are hybrid citrus fruit which are grown only to a limited extent in homestead gardens. IRASHA Agro exports fresh lemons which are used as fresh fruit or for the preparation of pickles, beverages and eating purpose.

Cereals & Grains


India is one of the world's largest producers of Rice. India has the largest area under rice cultivation, as it is one of the principal food crops. It is in fact the dominant crop of the country. IRASHA Agro exports the quality rice of different types as per the needs of importing country.

Specification Color Length Crop Broken Moisture Discolor
1121 Sella Basmati Rice Creamy 8-8.3mm Indian Less than 0.5% 12% maximum Less than 5%
Para Boiled Rice- Non Basmati Yellow 5-5.5mm Indian
Sona Masuri- Non Basmati Bright White 6mm Indian

Jowar/ Sorgham

Jowar or sorghum is one of the major staple food grain crops in India. Next to wheat, the biggest cultivated land in India is utilized to produce jowar. We export sorghum which is processed organically, free from harmful insecticides and pesticides.



Turmeric is popularly known for its antiseptic and healing properties. Turmeric adds fragrance, color and aroma to the dishes. Turmeric powder is made from turmeric fingers. IRASHA Agro exports turmeric powder which is the pure crushed form of turmeric fingers which is free from other mixtures.


Spices have been closely connected to magic, cultural traditions, preservation, medicine and embalming since early human history. Spices add aroma to all types of food and are one such thing which adds essence of taste to the food. India is leading country in growing spices of different types.

We are not limited to these products. Please feel free to contact us for any out of the box requirements.

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